Using Your Tracking Key

To use your unique tracking key you first need to actually know what your tracking key is, don't know? Find Your Tracking Key.

Once you have access to your tracking key you then need to grab the url to one of our landing pages, for this example we will go ahead and just use the medicare supplement landing page url as described at the beginning of this page:

Dummy Data We Will Use For Now

Now that you have a landing page URL and your unique tracking key you just need to put the two together and separate them by a few characters. In technical terms, for all of you techies, we call this a GET variable. So based on that information let's construct our new URL that we will promote:

In essence the URL that we contructed is just three things:

  1. Our Landing Page URL
  2. ?ref=
  3. Our Unique Tracking Key
{Landing Page URL}?ref={Tracking Key}